IPTV Smarters & Banana TV Announcement: Server Issues Resolved, Services Back Online

All Clients that ordered from this website (tv-smarters.com) and have an active service under his/her file will get 1 or 2 free months. (note: accounts who is there account is active but cancellation was requested, those are not legible for free months). Please chat with us to get it


 Dear Valued Customers, We are pleased to announce that the recent server issues experienced by IPTV Smarters & Banana TV have been successfully resolved. Our dedicated team of experts worked tirelessly to identify and rectify the underlying problems, ensuring a stable and reliable service for all our users. Over the past few days, we encountered unexpected challenges that caused temporary disruptions to our server infrastructure. We understand the inconvenience this may have caused, and we sincerely apologize for any disruption to your work and experience. Thanks to the swift response of our technical team, we have identified the root cause of the issues and implemented the necessary fixes to prevent future occurrences. Our systems have undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and reliability, and we are confident in the stability of our services moving forward. Throughout this incident, our top priority has been to minimize the impact on your operations. We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. We understand the importance of reliable access to our services, and we have taken this situation as an opportunity to further strengthen our infrastructure and enhance our backup and recovery systems. We would like to assure you that no data has been compromised during this period. All data and files remain secure and intact, protected by our robust security measures. Your trust in our services is of utmost importance to us, and we have implemented measures to prevent such issues from occurring in the future. We are grateful for your continued support and loyalty as we worked to resolve these challenges. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience and ensuring that our services meet and exceed your expectations. If you encounter any further issues or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at Submit a ticket. We are here to assist you and provide any additional information you may need. Once again, we extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused. We are grateful for your understanding, and we look forward to serving you with enhanced reliability and efficiency in the future. 


If you still have the issue please follow: 

All lagging, service interruptions, or connection issues can be attributed to two possible causes:

A) Your internet provider is blocking our service.

B) Your internet provider is blocking our service, and you require a VPN. However, if you are not currently using our BananaVPN, we can assist you in real-time to ensure your service remains unblocked.

Please note that the changes made involve rephrasing and ensuring clarity while retaining the original intent of the message.

Here is the Solution ?

Option -1-

Would you like to move to our new server which is 100% working fine ? We give can give you a 25$ credits and remove the old service for you?

This server doesn’t require you to buy a vpn as the vpn is included and it have way more list than the old one.

use the live chat



Because we care about you, please use our BananaVPN only, we make sure you are 100% secure .

Whoever recently or currently is facing any issues with the service to please follow the instructions bellow to solve the issue or come to the website and chat with us so we can help you to fix it faster.

Please chat with the support and ask for Moe and he will help you to fix the issue, he is available today for 24H. 

It's important to fix YOUR IPTV Issues specially the ones that happened recently Follow the steps bellow:

Please use our VPN only if you want to be protected and to reduce lagging issue

Yes, you can use other vpn providers but to be more efficient and so we can fix errors and blocks of your internet provider automatically whenever there is a block then you must use our BananaVPN

To change your IP and Hide the real one to the public and to secure your connection and hide your information using our BananaVPN application? Go here to order: www.vpn-Banana.com the best VPN that doesn’t limit your internet speed and hide your ass from hackers and crackers . Order now www.vpn-Banana.com/#price

IMPORTANT NOTICE : To order you own login information go here https://vpn-banana.com/ and you will have 15 Days Free to try (Cancel anytime).

Our BananaVPN installation instructions :

For Andriod Devices :

go here https://go.wowlink.ca/BananaVPN-Andriod open the app 

For Amazon Firestick :

Using your home screen search bar type downloader and Once the downloader app has opened you need to type the following URL into it https://go.wowlink.ca/BananaVPN and then click on go.

if Amazon firestick

Go to search bar and type Downloader. Once the downloader app has opened you need to type the following URL into it https://rebrand.ly/BananaVPN and then click on open the app

For Apple IOS Devices:

https://go.wowlink.ca/BananaVPN-IOS then order the downloadable certificate from here www.vpn-banana.com

For Apple MAC book or iMac Devices:

https://go.wowlink.ca/BananaVPN-iMac then order the downloadable certificate from here www.vpn-banana.com

For Windows :

https://go.wowlink.ca/BananaVPN-windows open the app 


IMPORTANT NOTICE : To order you own login information go here https://vpn-banana.com/ and you will have 15 Days Free to try (Cancel anytime).


Thank you for being a valued customer. Sincerely, IPTV Smarters & Banana TV

Monday, June 5, 2023

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